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Consider changing the name... Use of 'MAC' in title could potentially draw away Windows users...

Miquetea, 15.12.2011, 10:22
Idea status: under consideration


Brexxie, 15.12.2011, 21:32
This is why its called "MAC"


people who know about it wont shy away
Miquetea, 16.12.2011, 08:50
Any user who would need this software surely knows what a MAC address is... That is a very elementary networking term... I am speaking about the segment of potential customers who may pass up this application due to product confusion caused by the software title... (i.e. If this software were called LAN scanner there would be no reason for worry... however it is called Mac Scanner... and Mac just happens to be the name of a major non-PC hardware/OS line...)
OneNut, 16.12.2011, 07:58
I just wanted to say that if people are going to think the word MAC in a title is only going to be related to a Mac/Apple computer are people that would NEVER need the use of such a program as this. Your votes on your comment also show the tech know-how of the users at giveawayoftheday. Don't take that comment in the wrong way, I'm not meaning to be insulting, it just shows that your comment is at the top of the list, thus pc users without any IT training, I just want people here to do your own homework instead of relying on peoples comments posted here, as I see a lot of people giving wrong advise.
Miquetea, 16.12.2011, 10:46
@onenut: Google query "Mac scanner" and the first result page contains 9 references to Apple Mac topics and 1 reference to ColaSoft's Mac Scanner software... If you are confusing Google's highly intelligent algorithms you are definitely confusing potential software customers...

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